Our sales and design team listen and advise to achieve the clients requested results. Our production team strive to manufacture products that exceed our clients expectations.



Cliff Lewis Printing want to be known as a company that is:

“Big enough to Perform, and Small enough to care.”

To us this means; being a company that produces a quality product, delivered to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. We want to be a company that operates by our mission, within our values and constantly uses our strategy to obtain positive results.



Cliff Lewis Printing strive to be an approachable company, conducting all our business dealings involving both customers and suppliers with integrity and always treating our clients and staff members with respect and honesty. We desire to be reliable and trustworthy in serving fellow team members in order to finally serve our customers needs.

As an organisation we endeavour to offer our clients and staff the right knowledge and work environment, enabling them the freedom to use their individual skills and creativity to produce products and services that the entire team can be proud of, and each team member gain their own personal fulfillment.

"For a printing company to always be looking for new ways to minimise the use of VOC’s in the work place, use recycled materials when possible, and take on new products to achieve this, its encouraging to say the least."
Paul Jackson - Managing Director
Applied Pressroom Technlogies