Corporate Sustainability is incorporated into CLP’s daily operations and strategic planning, and is demonstrated through its policies, procedures and work practices.

CLP defines sustainability as it’s continuing commitment to behave ethically while; contributing to economic and social development; improving the quality of life within our workforce and the respectful treatment of the environment for future generations.



Cliff Lewis Printing is committed to providing a safe and fair work environment that engenders a culture of learning and development while stimulating performance. Cliff Lewis Printing operates within an agreed set of values which provides an expectation that employees will act honestly and fairly and have respect for individuals. Supporting the company values and commitment to culture enhancement is an extensive range of documented policies and procedures, which are

readily available to all employees through the policy manuals and employment hand books.



Cliff Lewis Printing is committed to build on the current foundation of skills and expertise within the company. This commitment drives a learning and development culture and is supported through performance management reviews and setting future individual goals. The company encourages learning and offers study assistance. Guided by our policies and work procedures we encourage our staff the freedom to use their individual skills and creativity to produce products and services that the entire team can be proud of, and each team member gain their own personal fulfi llment. Cliff Lewis Printing employees commit to a code of conduct and abide by the company’s Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Policy.



Cliff Lewis Printing is committed to providing customers with a quality service. We will strive to be responsive and effective in providing customers with valued professional service. Our company profi le and our service standards outline what customers can expect from us. We have a central reception with the ability to effectively refer client enquiries to the appropriate area. Cliff Lewis Printing regularly communicates with its clients with direct and email correspondence informing them of any changes to job deadline status or company policy changes. Cliff Lewis Printings web site is also designed to provide clients with a comprehensive source of information about our company, services and operations, locations, latest news and developments and how to contact us. We survey our customers about our service, performance and about how we can better assist them. We also maintain a strategic account management program to make it easier for customers to liaise with us on day to day issues.



Cliff Lewis Printing is a local, family owned business with extremely strong community ties and a belief in supporting individuals, clubs, groups and organisations. It has always been our belief that we have a responsibility to offer our support where we see a need and our door is always open to a worthwhile cause when ever possible.

By embedding human rights values into our business practices and policies we are addressing our corporate social responsibility in reference to promoting and protecting the values of respect, dignity and equality for every person, irrespective of race, sex, religion, political opinion, disability, sexuality, social status, age or any other characteristic.

"It’s really great!! The job is fantastic and the colour looks to be spot on!! Very excited, everyone in the office is really happy with the result!"
Tracey Coates
Point of Purchase + Packaging